Studio House

Converting an old artist's studio into a residential studio. The aim was to preserve the charm of the years. The 120 m2 studio spans across two floors. The cozy, creative atmosphere atmosphere inherent in these rooms forms the basis for the new concept. The floor, enlivened by the creation of art, was retained, allowing living and working in the same space. The old Suter wood-burning stove, a true one-of-a-kind, was also incorporated into the design. The result was a modern atmosphere in which the warmth of the past lives on. Former works were backlit by adding indirect light to the exhibition bases, and now provide a soft ambient light. The color concept consists of different shades of gray that complement each other. They frame the room but are subtle at the same time. The different textures of the walls were preserved and make for a harmonious whole. In addition, we have designed lighting objects that are based on the indirect lighting concept.


Interior design concept
Color- and lighting concept
Design and production of lights and furniture